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Birdwatching Workshop - Tidal Mill of Corroios

Through a partnership between LPN and the Municipal Chamber of Seixal, a Birdwatching Workshop will take place on the 13th of February (14h00 to 17h00).
Registration is free and mandatory

The Corroios saltmarsh has great biological and ecological importance, and its ornithological richness is particularly important.
This workshop aims to contribute to the appreciation of one of the most important protected natural places in the municipality of Seixal, by highlighting its biodiversity and the connection it maintains with the regional patrimony, in particular the Tidal Mill of Corroios, where a guided tour is also scheduled to take place.

Tidal Mill of Corroios
Time: 14h00-17h00
Registration: free but mandatory through the phone:210976112 or email: