Annual Census of the Iberian imperial eagle 2016

The LIFE Imperial project is currently carrying out the annual census of the Iberian imperial eagle throughout the national territory.

The annual census of the population of Iberian imperial eagles is being carried out during the month of February. This action of the LIFE Imperial project is coordinated by the ICNF and counts on the participation of LPN, TRAGSATEC (a spanish company partnering on this project with vast experience in conservation projects targeting the Iberian imperial eagle) and some volunteers. The censusstarted on the 8th of February on the Special Protection Zone (ZPE) of TejoInternacional, Erges, Pônsul and surrounding area. In the next weeks, the ZPE of Castro Verde, Vale do Guadiana, Mourão/Moura/Barrancos, and the region of Portalegre will also be covered.

During the census, individual eagles are identified by simultaneous observations made by observers located in different strategic positions, covering a wide area. This activity is essential in order to detect and confirm occurrences of new couples and new nests of the Iberian imperial eagle, and to confirm that previously known territories continue to be occupied.

Census field work also involves the evaluation of the condition of the individuals forming these couples, as well as locating and identifying juvenile individuals that are dispersing from the area. During these visits, the conditions of the habitat are also assessed, and any potential threats to the areas occupied by this species are identified.