Carnival with amphibians and reptiles in S. Teotónio

The preschools and primary schools that take part in the LIFE Charcos project celebrated this year´s Carnival with costumes inspired on the animals that live in the temporary pools of the region.

The animals of the mediterranean temporary pools provided inspiration to many preschool and primary school children in the region of S. Teotónio, Odemira.

On the 5h of February, the day on which schools have their Carnival parades, children from the preschools of S. Teotónio and Cavaleiro, and from the primary school of Zambujeira do Mar paraded proudly in costumes made by themselves with the help of teachers and parents. There were toads, terrapins, water snakes, fairy-shrimp, Cabrera’s voles, storks, bats and many other animals on the streets of these three localities on the coastal area of Alentejo.

This school community chose to celebrate this year’s Carnival by highlighting a threatened habitat, the temporary pools, and the unique species that depend on it to survive. The costumes were a way of showing the importance of conseving this very special natural patrimony.

These three Carnival parades, besides being fun, also served to raise awareness on the subject of nature conservation. The local population and the children themselves became more informed about nature conservation in general, and especially about the conservation of temporary pools.

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