The LIFE Saramugo Project has a new website!

The website of the LIFE Saramugo project is already available. There, you can learn all about the saramugo (a freshwater fish species), its ecology, threats and all the activities the project will carry out to promote its conservation.

In addition to detailed information on this species, in the tab “Habitat > Espécies piscícolas” we invite you to learn more about all freshwater fish species present in the basin streams of the Guadiana, both native and non-native.

For parents and children, there is a place set aside for the little ones, where images and games about the saramugo can be found and downloaded. Videos and sounds of the stream throughout the seasons will provide a space dedicated to relaxation in “Relaxe com o saramugo”.

In the tab “Publicações” you will find several editions of the project and more relevant information, such as the yearly Information Bulletin.

Come visit us at and accompany this species, its habitat and all the news and events of the project!