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The Eurasian Black Vulture is Europe’s largest raptor, breeding mostly in woodlands in hilly areas and feeding on livestock and wild ungulate carcasses, thus being a key species in Mediterranean ecosystems. However, laws requiring farmers to collect dead animals for incineration resulted in food shortages and prevented its comeback in Portugal. Artificial nests and a network of feeding stations were recently introduced and the species started rebreeding after more than 40 years.

This project aims to resettle a breeding population of Black Vulture in Southern Portugal, keeping it sustainable and compatible with local economic activities such as farming, game hunting and eco tourism. Besides supplying the feeding stations, a hide will be built next to one of them where visitors may also see Griffon Vultures, Golden Eagles, and even Iberian Imperial Eagles. Information and tours will be given to locals as well as educational activities aimed at engaging local schools.


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