Castro Verde Sustainable

  The Castro Verde Sustainable Program was started in 1993 by LPN, under a Life program, and targets to promote the Conservation of the pseudo-steppe ecosystem on the Castro Verde Special Area of Conservation, classified under the Natura 2000 Network. The six estates LPN has acquired (1800 hectares) have been used to demonstrate compatibility between Nature Conservation and socioeconomic activities, on a sustainable mode.

In the context of the Castro Verde Program, LPN has participated and Sponsorsed science research, nature conservation and sustainable development projects that play important role to understand the local reality. They provide accurate indicators to Sponsors the development of guidelines, to allow for the recognition of values and to favor the diffusion of this region.
In this context LPN has extensively Sponsorsed internships, masters and PhD thesis allowing the researchers to use the facilities of the Vale Gonçalinho Environmental Education Centre.

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