Ongoing projects

Project LIFE Imperial - Conservation of the Spanish Imperial Eagle in Portugal

The Spanish Imperial Eagle is the most threatened bird of prey in Europe and one of the most threatened species in the world...

Project LIFE Saramugo - Conservation of the Saramugo in the Guadiana Basin (Portugal)

Saramugo (Anaecypris hispanica) is an endemic species of the South of the Iberian Peninsula and the most endangered fish species of freshwater in the Iberian Peninsula!



Project 'Enhancement of the natural heritage of the region of Campo Branco'

This project aims to improve the visiting and hosting conditions of the Environmental Education Center of Gonçalinho Valley (CEAVG) and allow its consolidation as a dissemination center of the preservation of the natural heritage of Campo Branco, particularly the steppe avifauna.

Friendly fences for Great Bustard in Castro Verde (Portugal)

Although farming is necessary to maintain the steppe bird population, some farming practices used nowadays may have a negative impact on species conservation, such as cattle fences. Within this project, winner of the 2013 International Conservation Grant of The Conservation Division of the Forestry Bureau,Taiwan, LPN intends to pursue conservation actions of Great Bustard habitat, with actions aiming the minimization of collision with fences. Field activities will involve volunteers, thus promoting environmental awareness.

Project 'Falco & Otis: Protecting the Lesser Kestrer and the Great Bustard'

This project aims the protection of the Lesser Kestrer and the Great Bustard through research and direct action against threat factors

Project LIFE Charcos

Conservation of Temporary Ponds in the Southwest Coast of Portugal

EVOA - Tagus Estuary Birdwatching and Conservation Area

LPN is one of the six partners of EVOA - Tagus Estuary Birdwatching and Conservation Area, a project that aims the safeguard the avifauna of the Tagus Estuary, available and ensure visitation conditions in a privileged area regarding avifauna and create a self-sustainable model for nature conservation.

PRACTICE – Prevention and Restoration Actions to Fight against Desertification

An Integrated Assessment / European Commission Support Action FP7
PRACTICE is a global initiative that brings together scientists and stakeholders from some of the most affected regions on earth in order to gather local and scientific knowledge and raise awareness to the challenge of desertification.

Give Lesser Kestrel a new home

The conservation of steppe birds is one of the priorities of LPN – League for the Portection of Nature. Lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) is one of the species that stands out in this group of birds due to its conservation status.
Recently, LPN applied the Project "Give Lesser Kestrel a new home” to the initiative promoted by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) for projects with nature conservation actions from all over the globe. After the initial selection, the best projects were submitted to vote, so the public can choose the one that considers to be the best in each category (Nature, Outdoors and Alpine).

Project LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre

The LIFE - Nature Project "Enhancing Habitat for the Iberian Lynx and the Black Vulture in the Southeast of Portugal" will have a duration of 4 years and is being implemented in the regions of Mourão, Moura and Barrancos, Guadiana Valley and Caldeirão Hills, in the Natura 2000 Network areas therein. The goal is to promote the preservation of the Iberian lynx, the black vulture and their habitats in the Southeast of Portugal, while also benefiting a wide range of other typical species of the Mediterranean landscape".