Ongoing projects

Project 'Falco & Otis: Protecting the Lesser Kestrer and the Great Bustard'

This project aims the protection of the Lesser Kestrer and the Great Bustard through research and direct action against threat factors

The project aims:

a) to increase knowledge about the impact of fences on species such as the Great Bustard: we intend to continue the work begun in the project LIFE Estepárias, continuing the monitoring of the measures already implemented in order to obtain results for removing reliable conclusions on the use and effectiveness of different types of passages installed;

b) to maintain the monitoring of existing colonies of lesser kestrel in LPN's Biodiversity Reserves, to ensure the collection of data for the year 2013. These colonies are the most important for the conservation of the species. The monitoring includes obtaining colonies biometrics and breeding data, the ringing of birds and the recovery of individuals who inspire care;

c) To test the thermal behavior of nest boxes for lesser kestrel (and Roller, which also benefits from these structures), developing nest boxes with different types of materials and testing its thermal reaction (especially in days of high temperatures), using temperature data loggers.


This project, conducted during 2013, is funded by Somincor - Sociedade Mineira de Neves-Corvo SA. It also has the collaboration of DEMA - Defensa y Estudio del Medio Ambiente, Extruplás Lda and the Amorim Group - Unidade de Negócios Amorim Isolamentos SA by providing some nest boxes / materials to be tested under the activity "test the thermal behavior of nest boxes", as well as of the Association Aldeia / RIAS - Research and Recovery Center of Wildlife in the recovery of lesser kestrels (Activity "Monitoring the colonies of lesser kestrel of the Biodiversity Reserves of LPN").