The LIFE Saramugo Project has a new website!

You can now learn all about the saramugo (a freshwater fish species), its ecology, threats and all the activities the project will carry out to promote its conservation.
Visit us at

Carnival with amphibians and reptiles in S. Teotónio

The preschools and primary schools that take part in the LIFE Charcos project celebrated this year´s Carnival with costumes inspired on the animals that live in the temporary pools of the region.

World Wetlands Day celebrated at Ribeira do Vascão

The LIFE Saramugo project promoted an outing at Ribeira do Vascão to celebrate World Wetlands Day. This activity culminated in the planting of native trees and shrubs on the margins of the local stream.

Annual Census of the Iberian Imperial Eagle 2016

The LIFE Imperial project is currently carrying the annual census of the Iberian Imperial Eagle throughout the national territory. Get to know more here!

LPN joins the “Alliance for SDGs”

LPN has now formalized its commitment to work towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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