Eurasian Black Vulture nests again in Southern Portugal

Two pairs of Eurasian Black Vulture started nesting in Alentejo (Southern Portugal), using artificial nesting platforms created by the LIFE-Nature project “Habitat Lince Abutre”. This can be the first step for the reestablishment of a breeding colony of this species in the South of Portugal, after several decades without breeding in this region.

Wise Birding Holidays – two years of continued support to the Lynx Programme

Wise Birding Holidays Ltd is one of the few wildlife watching holiday companies that ensures, on every tour, a guaranteed percentage of the holiday price goes straight back to help conservation efforts in the countries it visits, being the Lynx Programme one of the several nature conservation projects that receives its support.

Creation of ecologic corridors for the Iberian lynx in the Southeast of Portugal

Cooperation between olive producers and Habitat Lince Abutre LIFE project enables the creation of more than 55 hectares of ecological corridors to promote connectivity between areas of adequate habitat for the Iberian lynx in the hills of the region of Moura, therefore actively contributing to the conservation of this species in Portugal...

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