From the city gardens to the Forest Park of Monsanto

The arboreal patrimony of some of the gardens of the city of Lisbon and the geology of the Forest Park of Monsanto were the themes addressed by LPN in the European Heritage Days 2017.

The Coalition C6 responds to public consultation on the National Strategy for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity ...

... expressing a clear sign of concern about the document submitted and proposing concrete alternatives.

Project "Awakening to Nature"

Would you like to take your students to a Field Trip by nature trails to experience and get to know better the territory of Lisbon's Metropolitan Area? Registration is now open to schools.

LPN participates in the EUROPARC 2017 Conference

LPN presented the example of the compatibility of agriculture with the conservation of the biodiversity of Castro Verde at the Europarc 2017 Conference.

Summer with Eclipse and rain of stars. And the tides, how so they relate with the moon's phases?

When we go to the beach we observe a variation of the sea water level on the sand strip. We are in the presence of the tide ... but after all what are tides?

Newsletter #2 of the LIFE Saramugo Project

The LIFE Saramugo Project Newsletter no. 2 is now available.

LPN creates Custody Networks for species and habitats

LPN is promoting the creation of Custody Networks for the conservation of the Imperial Eagle, the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds and the saramugo within the scope of the LIFE projects underway in the South of Portugal.

Sardines, stocks, sustainability and an ocean of unanswered questions

A lot of information has emerged about the sardine, but many are the questions and concepts that deserve clarification before a search for the understanding, although partial, of what is happening with this marine species.

September 2, International Day of Vultures!

A day dedicated to raising awareness and increasing knowledge about this important group of necrophagous birds.

Newsletter of LIFE Charcos project

The newsletter no. 4 of the LIFE Charcos Project is now available.

LPN is attentive to the exploitation of lithium in Portugal

Portugal is the only country in Europe that produces lithium and is among the top ten world producers. The interest in this mineral's exploration is growing... Learn more about its use and impacts!

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