Liga para a protecção da natureza

How to support?

How to support?

LPN Presentation

Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN) is a Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization with its main headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. LPN, the oldest Portuguese environmental association, was created in 1948 with the main goal to protect the environment i

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LPN History

LPN was launched in 1948 under the leadership of Professor Carlos Beata Neves, to answer to the poet Sebastião da Gama appeal for the conservation of Arrábida Mountain. Since then LPN maintains a close contact with universities and science organizations,

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The LPN currently has dozens of volunteers who, a little throughout the country, help us in the task of conserving nature and transmitting the values we believe in.

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How to support?

LPN is a non-profit organization. Its initiatives depend on the contribution of members and volunteers, donations and project funding.

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Remember: the more of us there are, the more energy we will have, more decisions will be taken and a better environment will be left for the future. Talk to your friends, challenge them.

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