International network ConservationNOW

ConservationNOW network brings together entities and professionals worldwide dedicated to the conservation of nature.

ConservationNOW network brings together worldwide entities and professionals dedicated to the conservation of nature, under the jurisdiction of the global platform Conservation Optimism.

This platform inspires and empowers people and communities to go further in the environmental protection, stimulating the effective sharing of knowledge and experience.


By promoting the interaction between more than a hundred organizations from dozens of countries, the network breaks down geographical barriers, languages, cultures and even generations in favor of this common goal.


The network’s motivation is centered on the concept of optimism regarding the challenges nature conservancy face. A realistic optimism, that does not underestimate the dimension of these challenges, but use this positive spirit to keep spirit and hope, not only in the search for better solutions, but also in its effective communication and dissemination in society.


The League for the Protection of Nature sees itself in the goals of this network and of this platform, and believes its story and work carried out over decades in Portugal can contribute to this worldwide movement. It has become the first non-governmental organization in the Iberia Peninsula, and eighth in the European Union to join this network.

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