Platform of Portuguese NGOs on Fisheries


The mission of the Platform of Portuguese NGOs on Fisheries (PONG-Pesca) is to promote sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources in all its aspects, ecological, social and economic, aiming at marine ecosystem conservation and also the development of communities linked to this activity.





The PONG-Pesca’s main goal is to establish itself as a forum for dialogue and work between the main Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work on the marine and coastal environments in Portugal. Additionally, PONG-Pesca intends to continue to consolidate itself as a national reference partner in the discussion and reflection on fisheries, also being a privileged contact point between its members’ NGOs, the remaining stakeholders in fisheries and marine and coastal environment and society in general.


LPN was at the origin of its formation in 2009, with fiver other Portuguese NGOs. PONG-Pesca is currently represented in the following monitoring committees: Sardinha (Sardine), Xávega (art of dragging), Mar2020 (Sea2020).


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