The Project ECOs-Locais / ECOs-Locals is a nationwide project that operates at a local level, covering the entire national territory, including autonomous regions. It aims to promote environmental citizenship, encouraging a more active and informed participation of society, and contribute to greater awareness and participation in the prevention and resolution of environmental problems.

The ECOs-Locais project is innovative and appealing, promoting awareness and making all citizens responsible for environmental issues, encouraging them to act in a more conscious and sustainable way in their daily lives. It intends to function as an Echo that spreads throughout our country, growing and contributing so that young people and the population in general become more responsible and participative, demanding a more sustainable country.

What we are looking for are active groups, of all ages, who want to make the place where they live better for everyone, such as:

  • Local associations (at neighbourhood, parish or municipality level);
  • Scout groups
  • Student groups and associations
  • Fishermen's associations;
  • Among others!

The first step to participate is to carry out an environmental diagnosis.

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