The ECOs-Local themes are divided into 4 pillars: blue, green, orange and brown. Each pillar includes 3 areas/tasks that facilitate the creation and implementation of ECO-Actions.

The ECO-Actions are the projects that each group proposes to carry out, carrying out a specific action to prevent or solve an environmental problem at a local level.

The process of realisation of the ECO-Local ECOs comprises 7 stages: (1) Local Environmental Diagnosis, (2) Case Study Selection, (3) Project Design, (4) Action Preparation, (5) Action, (6) Evaluation, and the (7) Celebration!

In addition, LPN regularly develops and presents challenges that are launched online and allow for broad participation.

The green theme (biodiversity, forests and soil) of the ECOs-Locais is supported by Pingo Doce.


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