The next decade represents a critical period, full of threats to the sustainability of the planet - and to our own lives - but also opportunities. Opportunities that arise from the decisions we all daily make, with a frequency that often goes unnoticed.


More than ever, it is crucial to rely on reliable information, with the potential to guide our behaviour in a conscious manner. This aim is transversal to the generality of sectors, activities and concerns that live with us, including the environment, nature conservation and the much needed sustainable development.


This reality, unfortunately, contrasts with what we observe everyday in the various media channels available to us, especially on social networks. Channels flooded with fake news and misinformation, motivated by the plurality of news sources, by the unleashing of online habits and by the use of less rigorous or even deliberately dishonest practices.


With the Environmental Journalism Week, Liga para a Protecção da Natureza seeks to give stage to emerging themes, constructive discussions and speakers who excel in good practices of information. From investigation to information, passing through formats such as photojournalism and reportage, we will have 5 days marked by the quality of the media of national scope, by those who live from such an important regional or local close connection, and by international personalities.


The initiative will also be an opportunity for academic enrichment, with partnerships planned with the main higher education institutions and programmes dedicated to the training of journalists and communication professionals, especially in the Lisbon region.


  • The Environmental Journalism Week will mark the national agenda as the first event dedicated to the theme in Portugal.



Be part of an event that crosses priority themes of today: environment, sustainability and information.



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