Project that allows to approach, divulge and study several areas of  knowledge such as ecology, biology, history, sociology and ethnology of Óbidos Lagoon.




Participatory Budgeting Portugal (Proj ref. 268)


Regional – Centre


18 months


The CILO project aims to create and make available to visitors to the Óbidos Lagoon a set of informative tools to support the interpretation of the place and its history of relationship with local communities, while contributing to the protection, enhancement and transmission of local natural and cultural heritage to future generations.


CILO will host several free activities aimed at different audiences:

  • Information actions for local communities: debates/guided tours, cultural workshops.
  • Training (in)actions for university students and professionals whose activities depend on or impact on the lagoon: lectures, debates and training workshops.
  • Actions to collect scientific information and encourage citizen science.
  • Recreational and educational activities for schools.
  • Dissemination actions for tourists, in the dynamic poles of CILO and in tourist spots.
  • Creation of a programme to encourage the creation of an ordered tourism offer linked to CILO - packages of experiences in contact with the natural and historical-cultural heritage of the Óbidos Lagoon; including capacity-building actions and pilot experiences.


CILO will integrate a physical space and dynamic poles distributed around the Óbidos Lagoon (Caldas da Rainha and Óbidos municipalities) where, besides the availability of information, several initiatives aimed at different publics will be promoted.


Generally speaking, the project is grouped into ten components:

  1. Consultation, information gathering and content production;
  2. CILO's image and communication;
  3. Creation of the CILO;
  4. Information and knowledge promotion actions aimed at local communities;
  5. Information and training actions for higher education students and local actors whose professional activity depends on the lagoon or has an impact on it;
  6. Incentive to the collection of scientific information;
  7. Educational actions aimed at the school community;
  8. Dissemination actions aimed at tourism;
  9. Programme to encourage the creation of an ordered tourist offer linked to CILO - packages of experiences in contact with the natural and historical-cultural heritage of Óbidos Lagoon;
  10. Monitoring of the project.


It is hoped that CILO will boost local dynamics and networking, improve the quality of life of local people and bring about sustainable economic and social development in the area.


Liga para a Protecção da Natureza


Câmara Municipal das Caldas da Rainha
Câmara Municipal de Óbidos
Conselho da Cidade – Associação para a Cidadania



Orçamento Participativo Portugal / FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia / Ciência Viva – Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica




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