In a detailed analysis of the present EIA regarding environmental issues, it appears that care in the characterization of the intervention area was indeed taken. There was an attempt to fill, with specific data, some information gaps. There was an effort to integrate data from important elements present in the intervention area. With the information that was used, the EIA regarding the characterization is acceptable, mas it fails in other aspects, such as the localized/ isolated environmental impact assessment, or the non-application of the precautionary principles as required by the present legislation.


However, LPN would like to point out the following: Portugal is under the European Directives and International Treaties regarding the maintenance (and improvement) of biodiversity and ecosystem elements (terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric environments). We would also like to remind that the simple approach of the local impacts was abandoned two decades ago, being in effect today and transposed in Directives and treaties the approach that, not being innovative, is current applied: the ecosystem approach.


Read here the complete version of the technical advice (in Portuguese).

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