Plan your agricultural, forestry and leisure activities and do it safely!


You MUST have authorization or a valid prior communication to do a pile burning or an extensive burning.

Speak to the Town or Parish Council or register/apply for permission via the online form.

Be aware that if you are approached by the GNR you must present proof!


For more information, contact the GNR SOS Environment and Territory helpline 808500520 (every day from 9am to 9pm).



In your forestry and agricultural activity, remember:

  • You should not burn in hot, dry weather or on windy days.
  • Choose cloudy or humid days.
  • Always carry your mobile phone with you to give an alert in case of fire.
  • Avoid burning alone.
  • Do not burn on days of high, very high or maximum fire risk.
  • If you are burning, it is compulsory that you are accompanied by a technical team.
  • It is forbidden to work in the forest area with brush cutters, brush cutters and shredders on days of maximum risk.


More information on the "Portugal Chama" campaign.

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