What is an environmental crime?


Refers to all aggressions to the environment and its components (flora, fauna, natural resources, cultural heritage) or conduct that ignores legally established environmental standards:


  • Assaults against non-domesticated animals - wild species (illegal trade, killing, selling, mistreating, destroying nests, etc.)
  • Crimes against the flora such as destruction of the forest of preservation, causing fires, cutting trees, selling products of plant origin without proper authorization, extraction of any kind of mineral from forests of public domain or of preservation.
  • Other crimes such as pollution, which may cause damage to human health, animal mortality and significant destruction of the flora. Illegal emission or discharge of substances into the atmosphere, water or soil, illegal transfer or discharge of waste, illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances.



If you detect an environmental crime you should contact the specialised environmental crime authorities.


SEPNA - Nature and Environment Protection Service of the GNR - is the competent authority to monitor, supervise, notify and investigate all infractions of the legislation that aims to protect nature, the environment and the natural heritage, throughout the national territory.



  • 808 200 520 | SOS Environment & Territory
  • 217 503 080 | SEPNA - Nature and Environment Protection Service of the GNR


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