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The League for the Protection of Nature (LPN) is one of the 6 partners of the EVOA - Tagus Estuary Birdwatching and Conservation Area

LPN is one of the 6 partners of the EVOA, a project that aims to protect avifauna’s values, provide and ensure visitation conditions in a privileged area in avifauna terms and create a self-sustainable model for nature conservation.


Located in the heart of one of the most important Portuguese wetlands, the Tagus estuary, EVOA enables visitors to discover and enjoy a unique patrimony between the lezíria and the Tagus estuary.


LPN is a partner of EVOA, as are Aquaves, the Association of Beneficiaries of Vila Franca de Xira’s Lezíria Grande, Vila Franca de Xira municipality, Company of Lezírias and the Nature and Forestry Conservation Institute (ICNF), through the Tagus Estuary National Reserve.


EVOA integrates three freshwater wetlands, covering a total of 70 ha. These lagoons are key for birds as refugee areas or even nesting sites. To ensure the birds’ quietness and maximize the experience and comfort during the visit, there are three observatories in the banks of the lagoons available, as well as several camouflaged observation points and an Interpretation Center. 


The Interpretation Center, besides welcoming visitors, invites them to know the permanent exhibit – EVOA, where the world meets the Tagus – and to participate in several activities complementary to bird watching.


But the experience begins entering the South Lezíria from Vila Franca de Xira: in the contrast between landscapes, in the conjugation of tradition with innovation and, of course, in the variety of species that feed or take refuge in the canals, agricultural fields, pastures of the Lezíria, welcoming everyone who visits this fascinating place!


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