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This project aims to improve the visitation and reception conditions of the CEAVG - Vale Gonçalinho Environmental Education Center.

This project aims to improve the visitation and reception conditions of the CEAVG - Vale Gonçalinho Environmental Education Center and ensure its consolidation as a dissemination pole of the natural heritage of Campo Grande, particularly the steppe avifauna.



Running until the end of 2014, the project aims to intervene in the building and in the resources of the environmental visitation of the CEAVG, endowing it of better welcoming conditions and of a more diversified and appealing offer of the informative and expositive contents to all visitors, residents and non-residents (nationals and foreigners).



Among the foreseen actions, the following stand out:

  • Improve the infrastructures of the CEAVG to increase the building’s energy efficiency, with roof remodeling, installation of one photovoltaic module and one solar panel;
  • Improve the interior of CEAVG, with the installation of one permanent multifunctional exhibit, with multimedia equipment (like one multitouch kiosk and one integrated projection system) and other expositive elements (such as thematic-expositive vitrines and 3D sculpture of the CEAVG mascot to be created as part of a young talent competition);
  • Improve the exterior of CEAVG, with the installation of a mini route with 3D replicas of 5 steppe birds, signage of one new pedestrian path (along the Nogueiras ravine) and identification of the access path to CEAVG (with the installation of one informing great bustard silhouette and other signage);
  • Availability of new informative and interactive materials for the public in general (creation of a spot and promotional video, a dedicated website of the CEAVG, as well as the purchase of audio-videoguides to support visits to the CEAVG) and for the school community (design of a pedagogic briefcase and virtual and pedagogic games);
  • Availability of equipment to support bird watching (binoculars, telescope and mobile shelter);
  • Design of illustrations (of avifauna) for the future creation of CEAVG promotional materials;
  • Development of a study about the natural heritage of Campo Branco and its potential to raise awareness among the population (resident and visitors).



This project is a follow up of the work LPN has been developing for two decades in the Campo Branco region, through the Castro Verde Sustainable Program that aims to promote the sustainable development of this territory, crucial to guarantee the conservation of steppe species and habitats.


As a result, it is expected to increase the number of visitors and raise the environmental awareness of the several targeted audiences, national and foreigners, reinforcing the work carried out by CEAVG that, in 2015, celebrated its 15th birthday.




“Valorization of the natural heritage of Campo Branco”: project to improve the visitation and reception conditions of the CEAVG.

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