Information and monitoring system of marine biodiversity in the Arrábida classified areas




The INFORBIOMARES project aims to organize an information and monitoring system to answer the conservation assessment and management needs and biodiversity planning measures in the protected marine area of the Arrábida Natural Park (Marine Park Prof. Luiz Saldanha).  








Main goal

Protect the environment and promote resources’ efficiency


Intervention region

Arrábida classified marine area


Beneficiary entity

League for the Protection of Nature



Approval date 23-12-2016

Start date 24-03-2017

End date 31-01-2020


Total eligible cost: 1,024,648.53 EUROS

Financial support from the European Union: Cohesion Fund 870,951.25 EUROS





 Specific goals of the project

  1. Create an information system of the Marine Park biodiversity that is interoperable with other systems already developed or in preparation and that can support its management and dissemination through the identification of knowledge gaps;
  2. Gain scientific knowledge to answer the gaps identified and support the sustainable use of resources within the scope of protected areas and Nature 2000;
  3. Establish indicators and monitoring models that can be used to monitor the state of conservation of species and habitats designated in the Habitats Directive and respond to the needs of periodic assessments of the Arrábida classified marine areas and that can provide decision supporting tools about the limits of these areas and allow adequate adaptative management measures;
  4. Develop a communication strategy (compliant with nr 3 of Article 115 of Regulation (EU) nr. 1303/2013, of 17 December) framed in the goals and mission of the Arrábida Natural Park and the National Network of Protected Areas and EU policies within the scope of the scientific culture and open access to information; this strategy includes an online interaction using a web platform that will also allow the collection of data recorded by users of the protected area (citizen science).




The INFORBIOMARES project aims to develop an information and monitoring system to answer the needs of the periodic assessment of the management and planning goals of the Arrábida classified marine areas, namely, in the Natura 2000 site that is integrated in it. 


The present operation integrates actions that aim to collect information, develop management tools, data search and processing to support decisions in the marine biodiversity area, focused on the enlargement of Natura 2000 in the marine environment. In this context, the preparation of an information and monitoring system that allows the compilation, organization, analysis, and continuous update of relevant information to respond to the assessment needs of conservation and management measures and planning of biodiversity in the classified areas of Arrábida is proposed. This system also intends to constitute a knowledge supporting tool that monitors the distribution and state of conservation of biodiversity and habitats defined by the Habitats Directive to respond to period assessment needs.


It is intended to have a robust information system that ensures consistency of the background information and is interoperable with the National Marine Information System (SNIMAR) and other systems that will be created in other protected national marine areas, easing coherent strategic decision making at national level. It is also intended to have an information system that can serve as a platform for the dissemination, communication and interaction with users, managers, and stakeholders of the classified area, fulfilling the goals of the communication plan and providing free access to scientific data.


The Site of Community Importance (SCI) Arrábida-Espichel (PTCON0010), designated under the Habitats Directive by the Council of Ministers Resolution nr 142/1997, has 5514 ha of marine area that corresponds to 29% of its total area and currently coincides with the limits of the Marine Park Prof. Luiz Saldanha. The Prof. Luiz Saldanha Marine Park is the protected marine area of the Arrábida Natural Park, created in 1998 by the Regulatory Decree nr 23/98 of 14 October. It is considered a biodiversity hotspot, with more than 1500 species of marine fauna and flora.


The Marine Park contains the habitats classified by Habitats Directive 1110 “Sandbanks which are slightly covered by sea water all the time“, 1170 “Reefs”, 8330 “Submerged or partially submerged sea caves”. Part of its area overlaps the Special Protection Area (SPA) Cabo Espichel (PTZPE0050), designated under the Birds Directive in August 1999, which includes 40% of marine area.


The Project will have the following actions:

Action 1. Biodiversity conservation and management

Action 2. Management support

Action 3. Monitorization of Natura 2000 SCI Arrábida-Espichel

Action 4. Dissemination and communication of the Marine Park



Scientific coordination

Algarve Centre of Marine Sciences of the Algarve University – CCMAR and ISPA, CRL.


  • Beneficiary Entity

    LPN - Liga para a Protecção da Natureza

    ICNF - Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas

    POSEUR Portugal 2020 UE

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