Back to Óbidos Lagoon!

After months of online activities, the time has come for the Óbidos Lagoon Interpretation Center, with the proper safety measures, to bring the children back into contact with Nature!


Thus, students and teachers from Nadadouro Elementary School, who last December spoke with Zé do Marisco by videoconference, left their computers at school, put on their wellies, and went down to Lagoa to get to know in situ one of the greatest treasures of their parish.


With the Sailing School and the beautiful Óbidos Lagoon as a background, together we talked about the history of this important wetland and all those who depend on it - fishermen and shellfish gatherers, like Zé do Marisco, and animals and plants, like the Slender Eel and the Reeleja Clam, characters of our Óbidos Lagoon Scene Suitcase!


Besides sharing what they most like to see on the shores of their lagoon, including batteries, grebes, flamingos, and cockles, these children also learned about the main challenges of this biodiverse ecosystem and how they can help protect it.



The Óbidos Lagoon Interpretation Center would like to thank these new Guardians of Óbidos Lagoon and their teachers for the good energy they brought to the Lagoon!



Sitting on the sand, facing the Óbidos Lagoon, the children drew what they most like to see from its shores.




Before returning to school, we took a walk and talked about what we found near the lagoon, what belongs to it (Nature) and what arrived there by the hand of Man, and what impacts this can cause.



The Óbidos Lagoon Interpretation Center is an OPP project coordinated by LPN in partnership with the Municipality of Caldas da Rainha, the Municipality of Óbidos, and the City Council.





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