General Assembly




Under the legal and statutory terms, the members of the Liga para a Protecção da Natureza are called to meet in an Extraordinary General Meeting, on first call, on 16 April 2023 (Sunday), at 4pm, with the following agenda:


  1. Information.
  2. Presentation, discussion and approval of the 2022 Activities and Accounts Report.
  3. Proposal to attribute the category of Honorary Member to the effective member Eugénio Manuel Bilstein Menezes Sequeira.
  4. Other matters.



The Assembly will take place in the Association's headquarters, Estrada do Calhariz de Benfica, n.º 187, in Lisbon.


If there is no quorum at the appointed time, the General Meeting will take place half an hour later with the number of members present.

Under the terms of the Statutes, the exercise of the right to vote presupposes that the membership fees have been updated.


The basic documents for discussion will be available on request to the LPN services (; 217780097), indicating the name and member number, with the advance notice foreseen in the statutes.



The Chairman of the Board of the General Meeting

José Manuel Pereira Alho

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