INATEL Sustainability Award, given to LPN

Photo: from left to right - Rita Alcazar, technical-coordinator of the Sustainable Castro Verde Program of LPN; Jorge Palmeirim, President of the National Board of LPN; President of the Board of Directors of the INATEL Foundation, Francisco Madelino.


INATEL Foundation awarded LPN, for the work developed under the Castro Verde Sustainable Program, with the INATEL Sustainability Award 2021.



The award was delivered during the conference "Global Goals for Local Business: Creating Partnerships and Solutions" promoted by the Inatel Foundation in partnership with the International Social Tourism Organisation ISTO and the University of Évora.



It is a great honor for us to receive the INATEL Sustainability Award, given to LPN by the Sustainable Castro Verde Program.



With around 30 years of intervention in the region, the Sustainable Castro Verde Program - which is still ongoing - has emerged as a true and important example of making nature conservation compatible with very significant economic and social development.

LPN's work in Castro Verde for the conservation of the cereal steppes has been based on scientific knowledge, which enables it to define good management practices for this ecosystem.

The synergies established with various partners, including the Campo Branco Farmers Association and Castro Verde Municipality, have been essential for the preservation of the landscape and steppe birds, enabling the development of activities such as nature tourism and contributing to the sustainable development of this emblematic territory in southern Portugal.

We thank the INATEL Foundation for the distinction in the perspective of the Objectives for Sustainable Development.

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