LPN hosts the Compal Frutology Center Academy

The CEAVG - Environmental Education Center of Vale Gonçalinho of LPN received this month the Academy of Compal Frutology Center in a session on 'Agricultural Production and Biodiversity', whose main objective was to transmit the importance of the code of conduct of good practices in agriculture.


The session, led by Rita Alcazar, coordinator of the LPN delegation in Castro Verde, was divided into two components, a theoretical one on the work that LPN has been developing in this area, with a contextualization of biodiversity and the unique ecosystem of the Alentejo landscape, and a second practical session, with a walking tour through the Biosphere Reserve, in which the group, equipped with binoculars and telescope, had the opportunity to observe some emblematic bird species that are part of the local biodiversity and that depend directly on good agricultural practices for their survival.

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