LPN joins the Campaign Restore Nature

Nature as we know it is heading towards extinction.
And it’s because of human activity.



LPN supports the campaign #RestoreNature released by BirdLife Europe, European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and WWF European Policy Office.


The campaign calls for nature restoration throughout Europe and aims to:

  •  Demonstrate the benefits of nature restoration through successful projects.
  •  Create synergies with green recovery / climate mitigation and adaptation advocacy.
  •  Create a unique opportunity to use what has already been done through LIFE projects, in nature reserves, for species restoration.

Logging, intensive agriculture and overfishing have pushed one million animal and plant species to the point where they're hanging by a thread.

We are in the midst of a sixth mass extinction with species disappearing at more than 100 times the natural rate, right before our own eyes, with disastrous consequences for our climate, our health, and our wellbeing.


Protecting what is left is needed but won’t cut it. We also need to bring nature back. We must #RestoreNature now. Our survival depends on it.



 We need to reach 100 000 signatures


More information about the campaign at www.restorenature.eu



The European Commission has promised it: they will propose a new law to make nature restoration legally binding for EU countries. But as it stands, there is no definition of what this will actually mean.


Right now, the Commission is asking the public to give their opinion on what nature restoration across the EU should look like – but only until the 5th of April 2021.


The more people respond, the more likely we are to finally get a good law that can help reverse the fate of nature in Europe, and beyond. With your help, we can start giving land, sea and water back to nature.


This is about the survival of our precious wetlands, peatlands, grasslands, forests, floodplains, rivers, and oceans. But it is also about our climate, our health, and the survival of humankind.


Sign this petition and we’ll send the message to the European Commission on your behalf.



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